Cyber criminals are becoming increasingly more active and the devastation they are causing to businesses across the UK more destructive. The impact of a cyber attack on finances, customer relations and your reputation can be significant and sometimes irreversible.

Cyber Essentials is a cost-effective way of beginning your journey to protecting your businesses data and the information clients share with you. The certification is an industry recognised, government backed accreditation that shows your dedication to enforcing the highest standards of network security.

To achieve the accreditation, you must be able to demonstrate that you are taking the necessary measures to mitigate yourself from the risk of a cyber attack. These measures include basic security controls that if implemented correctly, can help protect against 80% of cyber attacks. They include; secure configuration, boundary firewalls, access control, patch management and malware protection.

As well as protecting against costly cyber security incidents, potential loss of business, and the threat of fines from regulators, the scheme promotes GDPR compliance, cost reductions, improves efficiency and even opens the door to new business.

We are able to help you through the process of achieving your Cyber Essentials certification, ensuring that you are able to meet all of the necessary requirements. We get to learn your existing network security set up through a thorough audit report. Once we have assessed all of the insights obtained from the report, we can identify and clearly relay our recommendations.

As is our commitment to client care, we don’t stop there. We take you through the process of implementing the necessary changes, ensuring your network security is up to scratch.

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