Most businesses are still working from a traditional IT environment and are yet to take advantage of the host of productivity benefits offered by migrating to Microsoft 365.

Microsoft 365’s cloud based services have created an abundance of opportunities for those who have embraced its potential.

It allows businesses to access their data and applications from anywhere and on any device. It provides the flexibility to mix and match applications to create your own custom solution for each user or department, and it’s easy to add or remove users by simply adding or eliminating licenses.

Office 365 is always up to date because it’s in the cloud, so you’ll have access to the latest versions at no additional charge – Microsoft continually adds new features and capabilities, and you have access to them as soon as they are introduced.

As a subscription-based service, you pay an annual or monthly fee per user, making it an operating expense instead of a capital cost – eliminating any large up-front costs for new software.

At ClearTec our goal is to take responsibility of the entire migration process for you. We carry out a rigorous analysis of your requirements and agree a clearly defined strategy to minimise downtime or disruption to business continuity.

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