The Benefit of Working With a Close Partner

How many of you were affected by the outage of the three Facebook platforms (Facebook/Messenger, WhatsApp and Instagram) on Monday 4th October?

The statement (see here) released by Facebooks’ Santosh Janardhan (VP Infrastructure) explains why.

However tweets from an independent investigative journalist, shares an insight, and following tweets to his post suggested that a user on Reddit, who claims to be on the recovery/investigation team at Facebook, shared details of the incident.

What this actually means is the people that had access to Facebook Data Centres, were not the ones with the authority to correct the issues.
Therefore the benefit of working with ClearTec IT is how we can help you prevent downtime because we are close to our data centres and hands on with ready access, which is a benefit of Private Cloud rather than Public Cloud services such as Microsoft Azure.

There is never a compromise of any of the ClearTec team not having permission rights to authenticate updates, configurations or ‘fixes’. There will always be a senior engineer available with appropriate access rights, unlike the suggested team at Facebook, that were not ‘unified’.

Working close with a partner such as us, is the ethos we build our reputation on. We work proactively to prevent downtime, but should this occur, through any fault such as a ransomware attack or server failure, our Disaster Recovery Plan will mitigate your risk.

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