Tradeline Sealed Units

Tradeline were running on old, legacy systems which were prone to crashing and poor performance. Security of the system was therefore quite low because outdated systems bring about security flaws.

Client Problem
The client had a set budget, so we wanted to deliver, but with adequate up to date equipment.

Tradeline were already an existing customer of ours, so they approached us for a meeting, to discuss how they could upgrade to a whole new system to tie in with their own internal change from being ‘Tradeline Sealed Units’ to ‘South Essex Sealed Units’. We had to recommend a domain name to them, based on the new company name, our recommendation was ‘’ which was accepted!

The solution was to provide them with a new Windows 2016 Server, but we were asked to take into account their budget and provide them with the “Essentials” flavour of Server 2016. We could use this to give them upgraded security, comparable features to their old Small Business Server, at a cost that suited them more. We were able to couple that with Office 365 licenses to provide them with Exchange Online email and the latest Office suite on their brand-new PCs.

The Outcome/Results
We gave them a whole new server and all new PCs. We dealt with their bespoke software company and made sure all the upgrades happened on the same day, to reduce downtime on a job that already had a day’s worth of downtime. This was essential for business continuity. Something ClearTec strives to achieve.