A client became a victim of a Ransomware attack, which encrypted important files on their server, demanding Bitcoin payment. ClearTec was able to recover all the files with the Disaster Recovery service they have in place and restored all the files without any fuss or drama; and even more importantly without having to pay the ransom!

Client Problem
Our client was hit by a malware infection that encrypted important files and data. The scammers demanded thousands of pounds to be paid in bitcoins to release the files and data.

Already subscribing to our disaster recovery service, our client was able to ignore the demand and restore all its data and files to a previous backup taken daily. Causing minimal disruption and downtime.

Within 15 minutes, our client was back up and running, keeping business continuity. As you can imagine, our client was very distressed, but with the help and technical support ClearTec provided, calm was restored almost immediately.

The Outcome/Results
Due to our client already subscribing to our Disaster Recovery Plan, the key benefit allowed them to continue business as if nothing happened. They were not held to ransom as they initially thought. This saved them from any loss of business, downtime and of course the demand of thousands of pounds.

Client Testimonial
Just dropping a quick email to say thanks to your guys for the help they provided us regarding the virus attack. As usual everyone was quick and on hand to help in any way they can and it’s very much appreciated this end.