Bower Retirement

Bower Retirement is an existing client of ours, whom we have a close working relationship. We work in tandem with their own IT Department to provide support to their users and IT team alike.

Client Problem
Whilst Bower already had a functioning email system with us, we were seeing an increase in support tickets regarding this email system. We recommended that this kind of increase wasn’t normal, and we can offer them a better alternative in the form of Office 365 / Exchange Online. They, therefore, approached us about wanting to know more about this efficient system for their staff and field users.

As Bower was an existing client, it was an easy task to know what was required. Also, we have performed this kind of migration before, so nothing is left to chance.

The solution for the customer was to migrate Bower to Office 365 and Exchange Online for their email. We implemented a migration tool which cuts out a lot of the manual work and ensure that all the data, including the sometimes vital “cached contacts” within Outlook. We enabled a synchronisation with their local Active Directory so that users were in control of their password and we could be happy that is was secure.

The Outcome/Results
The outcome was an email migration from a system which was taking up a lot of time in Support and maintenance to Office 365 which is less susceptible to failure and where uptime is guaranteed by Microsoft.

Client Testimonial
ClearTec met with us to plan the migration from an existing hosted exchange system, to Office 365. Their consultations were invaluable, as they were able to suggest a way of achieving our goal at a fraction of the cost by using their expert knowledge of the Microsoft licensing system, along with offering a cost effective subscription, this meant that we didn’t have to fork out a large upfront payment, or lose our existing Retail/OEM application licenses. The migration itself went well, and nearly 100 users were migrated during a single day, with most users being on our Domain, it was easy to push out a script to do all the hard work, and those not on the domain received a link by email which ran a program asking the users to click “next, sign in, ok” the actual process of migrating a user took 2 minutes tops – the hard work was done in the background, out of hours.  Thanks to Ross, Nick, Ketan and the wider team.