VoIP Telephone Systems

If you are unsure about moving to an internet telephony system, please be reassured; anxieties are based on myths that arose long ago. If you choose the right system, a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) service can now be as reliable as any analogue telephone service. When they were introduced in the 1990s, its true there were issues. People were right to be concerned but internet technology has moved on at a spectacular pace since then. We use it confidently for all sorts of functions and find it truly cost effective.

All Calls Will be Cheaper
Early VoIP system designs and poor internet connections threw up various problems which have been addressed since. They now give us a sophisticated and reliable method of communicating across the world at a fraction of the price of using standard landlines or mobiles. With the right system, it doesnt matter if you are calling other VoIP numbers or standard landlines or mobiles, it will still save you money. Whatever the size of your business, youll come across as a major player to your callers because of the efficiency with which the calls are handled.

You Wont Miss Any Calls
Check out the service guarantees on reliability. Providers are now able to guarantee no more downtime than other types of phone services. And you wont lose your contacts and communications if you have any kind of disaster at your premises, because of features like auto call forward, voicemail and even voicemail to email. These mean you can still receive calls when you are out and about as well.

Another benefit of VoIP is that you can integrate it with your Outlook Contacts and most customer relationship management (CRM) applications. Then you can have the details of a caller pop up on your screen, so you know in advance who will be on the line when you answer.

Voice Distortion Has Been Eliminated
The myth about poor voice quality is another aspect that needs to be dispelled. These days, with the appropriate broadband bandwidth and speed with good quality telephone device connected to it, youll recognise voices you know because they wont be distorted when they are transferred back from digital data to audio, no matter how far away they originate.

Security is Not an Issue
Of course, we need to be sure that we are not being overheard on certain phone calls, but we can be confident that the advances in internet technology keep VoIP secure. People were nervous about internet banking at first, but thousands of us use it now, because we are aware of the work and investment that has gone into making the technology secure. Similarly, the work on firewalls, encryption and failover for VoIP technology means that you can be as confident that no one is listening in, as you are on any other type of phone call, in fact maybe more so.

So, if you are thinking of moving to VoIP, hesitate no longer. If any aspect still bothers you, well be more than happy to discuss it with you, and when you make that decision, we can provide you with a quality hosted telephone system that is a hassle free and simple solution for your business communications.

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