Staying ahead of hackers in lockdown

Did you know, that although working from home is convenient and saves time commuting, and particularly if lockdown dictates this to you, it means your personal data is more at risk? Hackers don’t discriminate against one company to the next, nobody is too small; they just want your data.

So, how do I guard against this? We see a lot of unauthorised access based on weak passwords. According to NordPass, password1 will take less than one second to hack, and their research states it’s been used only 2,418,984 times!

You might not think it, but making a secure password is easy! Tools like NordPass or LastPass mean you can generate random, single use passwords, and not have to remember them as the browser add on takes care of that for you in a secure vault! We, at ClearTec, have experience with Password Managers and have been using them for some time. Ask us for information on a Password Manager.

A second technique is the “Three Word technique”. Take the first 3 words that come into your head, and there you have your new password! FrameCloudDoor as an example.

Keeping your device secure is more that just a password. “Patch Tuesday” is an important day for ClearTec; the second Tuesday every month and it’s when Microsoft release their large update packages for Windows 10, Office and more! Updates play a big part in keeping your device secure. It has less vulnerabilities, and therefore less chance of being hacked. Set your device to ensure updates happen automatically, so you have peace of mind about your device’s security!

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