New Features in Office Apps

Everyone loves new features, and Microsoft 365 release loads every month. There’s roughly 800-1000 each year!

Starting this month, Microsoft Word for Windows will include a new predictive typing feature that automatically suggests new words to use as you are typing.

One thing that has caught our eye is ‘Text Prediction,’. Microsoft will start rolling this out in the next version of Office.

This feature has been around for Office Insiders since September 2020, and what it will do is as you type, Word will offer greyed-out suggestions for the next word to use in your sentence, as shown here:

If you wish to select the word, you simply press the Tab button on your keyboard, and Word will automatically insert the suggestion into the document. Microsoft believes this new feature will help users type more quickly and reduce spelling and grammar errors. Over time, Microsoft’s machine learning model will better predict what you plan on typing based on your past work.

We’re surprised it has take Microsoft this long to get predictive typing into Office, considering it’s their most popular software, but now it’s here we’ll definitely be adopting it for our documents!

Take a look at the official Microsoft announcement here here

Something else that has already been released in Word, is a pretty handy Acronyms feature which also scans your documents and will convert any technical acronyms into the full name. This feature is still being developed and more data sources are being added, but when we were looking through a Technical Document, it was pretty helpful to have that information automatically presented to you.

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