Microsoft is putting Teams into PowerPoint for better remote presentations.

Microsoft’s new ‘Cameo’ feature, aims to help make remote meetings as effective as ‘in-person’ ones, with the move to the hybrid workforce.

As more companies move to a hybrid workforce in the wake of the pandemic, Microsoft is adding new tools to its suite of software to make remote meetings feel more like ‘in-person’ ones.

The new feature called ‘Cameo’ will integrate the Microsoft Teams camera feed into your PowerPoint presentation, allowing you to customise where you appear on the screen with your slides. It will also offer layout suggestions for better viewing.

Also coming to Teams is a feature called ‘speaker coach’, which will use AI to analyse and offer guidance on your speaking pace, tell you if you’re interrupting someone, and remind you to check in with your audience — all privately.

New automatic lighting corrections in Teams will also help adjust your camera feed in low-light areas.

The additions mark another way that companies like Microsoft, Google and Zoom are aiming to aid companies in their move to remote and hybrid work.

Cameo and Speaker Coach will start rolling out in early 2022, while lighting Corrections will be available in the coming months.

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