Improve Productivity with Keyboard Shortcuts in Windows 10

When you’re busy working away on that really important document, and you need to get it completed fast, we know how vital speed and efficiency are. Time is always of the essence, so if you can take shortcuts and still get everything done, we think that’s a win!

Did you know that not everything on your computer is controlled by your mouse? It’s likely that there’s a quicker way to complete that task, like switch to another browser tab, or send that document to print. We love our keyboard shortcuts at ClearTec, and here’s a selection of our favourites:

  1. CTRL + C will copy the selected items, CTRL + V will paste the last copied items and CTRL + Z will undo the last change
  2. Press and hold the Shift key, instead of pressing Caps Lock on and off, to get just one letter to be a capital.
  3. CTRL + Tab to seamlessly switch between your open browser tabs, and if you accidentally close a tab you didn’t mean to, CTRL + Shift + T will restore that!
  4. CTRL + P will open the system Print dialogue
  5. Windows + E will open your File Explorer and CTRL + F will select the Search bar so finding that document just became a lot easier!
  6. CTRL + A will select all items on that page

The good people at Microsoft have loads of shortcuts, already built in to Windows 10, ready to be utilised.

To see if there’s a shortcut for your most important task, contact