Is Your PC Running Slowly?

Are you utilising your RAM (Random Access Memory) effectively?

Too many tabs, in almost any web browser, will lead to overtaxed computer memory, a reduction in battery life, and, for sure, a cluttered browser workspace. Many of us can live with the clutter, but when your machine slows down its time for a change.

Some questions to consider:
– What software do you have running in the background?
– How many tabs do you have open and what can happen if you do leave tabs open?
Consider closing the tabs you are not working with.

We understand that you want your computer to work as fast as possible, so keeping only what you need open will reduce RAM usage, which will help improve your computer speed.

A useful tip to also keep in mind is that Google Chrome takes up a lot more RAM than another browser like Firefox. Microsoft have updated their Edge browser recently to effectively put tabs to “sleep” which stops them from refreshing in the background and taking up your vital system resources. You can always call us to check if you have this. It is automictically available on Windows 10.
It means you can keep your important tabs open and not forget about them but leave your RAM available for the current tasks.

It’s not only tabs that slow you down, but browser add-ons also use computer processing power. Maybe a password manager, an ad blocker, an online coupon finder, these all require some RAM, and it all adds up.

Take a look at what add-ons are running on your browser and only have open what is necessary.

If you are unsure that your RAM is being used correctly please give the team a call and we will be happy to help to ensure that your computer running at its most efficient.