BT Internet Speed Scam

There are new scams arising everyday!

Have you heard of this one? A TWO PART SCAM!


It’s a phone call scam pretending to be BT but with an new twist.

It starts with a call saying that you have an internet speed issue in your area. Firstly they check that you are the bill payer and then they advise you to go to your pc and log in to fix the problem.

But then you get cut off!

Within a few minutes they then ring you straight back, but this time it is an automated call saying that as the call wasn’t completed, ‘we suspect that fraud has taken place on your service and you will be cut off within 24-48 hours…. Press one to talk to an Account executive’.

‘Account Executive’ is not normally a role held by BT employees! But it sounds important.


When you press one you are taken to an oversees call centre to a person which actually answers ’BT OPENREACH can I help you?’

This is the fake centre that will complete the scam and help themselves to your account details and money.

This is a new two part scam that builds trust and credibility due to its nature of leading you to believe that the ‘real BT’ took the time to call you back with the pretence that they had been alerted by the fact that the original call wasn’t completed with the tactic that you were cut off.


They are probably picking up area numbers on an automated system and they will just work their way through until perhaps you are reached.

Standard practice…. to always be on your guard.